Blendi Klosi

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Albania

Blendi Klosi

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Albania


Mr. Blendi Klosi was born in Tirana on 17 January 1971. He is married to Ms. Nora Klosi (Gega). They are parents to two childrens, Aron and Ambla.

He graduated in Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, in the University of Tirana, where later was engaged as a lecturer.

During 1994-1996, Mr. Klosi held the position of Head of Sector of the Electronic Designs Studies Center.

In 1996 he served on the Council of Ministers, initially at the Public Administration Department and after as Prime Minister Assistant.

Mr. Klosi has rich political activity with significant commitments; he served as Deputy Minister of Local Government(1999- 2001), the Chairman of the Committee on Electoral Reform, Minister of State during 2002-2004, Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports in 2004-2005 and Minister of Social Welfare and Youth in 2015- 2017.

Mr. Blendi Klosi has a long commitment as a parliament member, representing the Socialist Party Parliamentary Group on five legislatures. Currently he is the representative of Berati District in the Parliament.

Since 2017 Mr. Blendi Klosi holds the position of Minister of Tourism and Environment of Albania.

Mr. Klosi speaks fluently English and Italian language.

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