Official programme of Adria Hotel Forum 2017
Day 1
08 Feb 2017
Day 2
09 Feb 2017

Presentation: Look into the future

Keith Evans
Giannis G. Markogiannis
Ivan Bušljeta
Frank Reul
Ivana Hatvalić
Ömer Müftüler

Panel discussion: How to create attractive project/ product?

Emeline Sykora-Wintrebert
Alan Mantin
Stefan Schlachter
Adam Konieczny
Hrvoje Galičić
Martina Serdarušić 17

Panel discussion: Trends in planning tourism projects and destinations

Kristian Šustar
Branko Bogunović
Neven Ivandić
Saša Randić
Jessica Bertram

Panel discussion: How luxury hotels can boost the city development?

Hylko Versteeg
Paul Pisani
Jason Wischhoff
Samantha Sugarman
Ivan Artolli

Panel discussion: Private accommodation vs. hotels

Tobias Brown
Darren Blanchard
Eric Jafari
Ivan Pukšar
Carly Weber

Panel discussion: Development of inland tourism

Ivana Kolar
Robert Rogner
Peter Vesenjak
Andreas Martin

Panel discussion: Travel reasons and new markets

Nina Kleiner
Ivana Kolar
Robert Rogner
Adriano Požarić
Peter Vesenjak
Thomas Kirchenmajer
Slava Ovchinnikov
Andreas Martin
Leo Urlić
Davor Tremac

Hotel transaction volume in Europe reached record levels in 2015, more than Euro 28,4. billion in comparison to amount of Euro 16,5 billion of transactions in 2014. Yet, Central and Eastern Europe transactions accounted for only 6% of total European transactions while Adriatic region accounted for only 0,9%.

The investor profile within Adriatic region defers greatly within each country: in Croatia only 26% of transactions come from cross-global investors, while in Montenegro the percentage raises to 83% and in Slovenia all the investments are made from international investors (100%).

Globally, money is not an issue. As example, Asian investors are attracted by the higher property yields and safe investment environments abroad, such as those in North America, Europe and Australia. This trend has resulted in Asian cross-border hotel transactions reaching US $11.0 billion by the end of November, a 24.0% increase from the same period last year. According to a statement from the China Insurance Regulatory Commission in 2015, capital invested in overseas markets accounted for just 1.4% of the total assets in China’s insurance industry. Asset acquisitions remain the primary hotel investment vehicle for Asian investors.

So, what is the reason of such a low interest for hotel investments in South-Europe? And what is the investment and management model applicable in this part of the world? What differs from developed destinations and what is to be done? Who and when should develop the infrastructure and how the destinations should position themselves? And the most important question of today; is this really the safe part of the world and how can we assure it?